Reaction to Ranieri sacking

Leicester City's Italian manager Claudio Ranieri (2R) and Leicester City's English defender Wes Morgan hold up the Premier league trophy after winning the English Premier League football match between Leicester City and Everton at King Power Stadium in Leicester, central England on May 7, 2016. / AFP PHOTO / ADRIAN DENNIS

Leicester's Thai owners sacked Claudio Ranieri less than a year after he masterminded their Premier League title triumph. Here is some of the reaction to the Italian's dismissal.

Jose Mourinho

The Manchester United manager posted a picture of himself and Ranieri smiling, and wrote on Instagram: "Champion of England and FIFA manager of the year. Sacked. That's the new football. Keep smiling amico. Nobody can delete the history you wrote."

Luciano Spalletti

"For Ranieri it's scandalous, unacceptable," said AS Roma coach and fellow Italian Spalletti. "He has to be congratulated. He was the one who created this chemistry in the team and the locker room that made it possible to win the championship. And when you win an English championship against City, United and Chelsea, if you have a little dignity, you even accept to be relegated without touching anything. It should be such a joy to have won that the following year you can accept to be relegated.

"There is no recognition. But it's like that in football. I already know from experience."

Gary Lineker

"After all that Claudio Ranieri has done for Leicester City, to sack him now is inexplicable, unforgivable and gut-wrenchingly sad," former England and Leicester player Lineker wrote on Twitter.

"I shed a tear last night – I shed a tear for Claudio, I shed a tear for football and I shed a tear for my club," Lineker, now a television commentator, told BBC radio.

"It is inexplicable to me, it's inexplicable to a lot of football fans who love the game and I suppose you can explain it in terms of a panic decision and for me a wrong decision and it is very sad."

Steve Claridge

"Must be a better way of dealing with this than the term "sacking", move upstairs, bring someone in to "help", sacking does him a disservice!," former Leicester City striker Claridge wrote on Twitter.

Rio Ferdinand

"Just seen Ranieri news. Shocked after last night display! Wins the league & still not afforded the time to fight for safety. Unreal scenes!" wrote former England and Manchester United defender Ferdinand on Twitter.

Peter Shilton

Former England and Leicester goalkeeper Peter Shilton, who won the Second Division title with Leicester in the 1970s, praised the decision as "brave". "Going down would be a disaster for Leicester and I suppose the board have made a very brave decision. Some people have mixed views, but relegation is on the horizon," he told Radio 4. "If they stay in the Premier League then they've made the right decision. A lot of people will say there's no sentiment in football, look at what he's done for the club… but he's had a lot of the season to get things going."

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My marriage was a sham, says Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh (left) with her estranged husband Churchill.

Embattled Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh on Friday said her marriage to Olakunle Churchill was a sham.

She made the revelation on her Instagram @tontolet while responding to advice from her fans persuading her to have a rethink over her marriage.

The Nollywood actress added she had been using her social media platform to lie and paint Churchill the good man he is today, as her union with him ‘was all a sham’.

According to her, all the cars and jewelleries she flashes on social media were not bought for her by him. She wrote: “I posted stuffs my ex-husband bought for me doesn’t make it true. I used my platform to lie, to make him the man he is today.

The mother of one alleged that she treated so many sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) while being married to Churchill.

“Nobody knows how many STDs I have treated or pain I know in marriage. If laughter is all they have then the karma that bites me awaits them all.

“Thank for your love. Yes no marriage is perfect but mine was based on gross lies deceit, scam and many more darkness.

“I loved the man no one begged me to, I take all the blame. So don’t come at me with the bullshit of enjoying this man’s money.

“ I have not started talking, I will bare it all but there is time for everything. I care now for the STD’s because I am no longer naive. I am a mother who wants to live long for my child.

“I am not a saint and cheating is not the only reason I took the forever walk, “she added.

The controversial actress got married in 2015 to Oladunni Churchill,a Nigerian businessman and philanthropist, and they have a son from the union.

However, the separation crisis started when it was reported that a certain woman had stepped into the picture, with Tonto Dike removing her husband’s surname from her Instagram account.

The duo have been in a war of words on the social media, with Churchill demanding for exclusive access to his son.

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Recession: Lagos/Ogun rural dwellers say they cope better


A cross section of the dwellers told said that they were better poised to survive the high cost of food items being experienced in cities.

Some rural dwellers around Lagos/Ogun border communities on Friday, said they were naturally endowed to cope better under the economic recession in the country.

A cross section of the dwellers told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in Lagos said that they were better poised to survive the high cost of food items being experienced in cities.

Mr Daniel Anthony, a towing vehicle operator who resides at Muti, Lagos said he had converted his undeveloped plots of land to cassava farms, rather than allowing them to be overrun by wild animals.

According to him, his subsistent cassava farm has been producing enough food for his family in the last three years.

“I can count the number of times I bought Garri from the market since 2014 and I take Garri and eat Eba regularly."

“I harvest my own cassava which my wife makes into Garri and other edibles we can get from this crop,’’ he said.

A trader who resides at Ereko, Ogun, Mrs Ramat Momoh, said she bought Ewedu and other vegetables from neighbours around her house.

“Those who sell home-grown vegetables make quite a lot of money doing so."

“At least, these families can make what they can use to get by and buy other necessary things to survive the times,’’ she said.
Momoh, the Treasurer, Ereko Community Development Association, said there was the need to go into subsistence farming as a way of safeguarding against food insecurity.

“We the common men have to do with the little we can to survive and not wait on government all the time,’’ she said.
According to Mr Femi Oredemu, a resident of Igboolomu, Lagos, mothers in his locality are forming cooperatives to support their husbands and families.

He further said housewives in his area earned income from small farming and also by belonging to farm cooperatives to increase their dividends from land utilisation.

“It is as if the situation of the country has told our wives to return to agriculture which used to be the mainstay of the economy of the country."

“Nigerians need to take a look backward to find out how our forebears coped with hard times by extracting valuables that our vast land resources can give,’’ he said.

Mr Ayo Atomise, a commercial bus driver residing at Elepe, Ogun, told NAN that most families around him supplement their meat intake by feeding on their free-range chickens.

He said families that reared goats and sheep in his locality had upgraded the security of their homes against would-be poachers of their domestic animals.

“It is funny we don’t hear of car hacking or house burglary again but stolen goats and sheep,’’ Atomise said.

“Artisans, especially in my area, combine farming with their main means of livelihood now.’’

An account officer with a micro-finance outfit, Mr John Iyadi, urged Community Development Associations (CDAs), in areas with many undeveloped plots should encourage their members to convert the open spaces into farms.

“This hard time call for ingenuity, innovation and sacrifice on the part of us and at the lower strata of society too,’’ Iyadi, who stays at Agbede area, Ogun , said.

Iyadi said countries that had experienced recession had turned to subsistence farming and traditional practices that modernisation had eroded.

A government worker, who did not want to be mentioned, said he had converted his other plots of land into farms to grow corn, yam and coco yam.

The officer, who stays behind the Odogunyan Barracks at Ikorodu, told NAN that his subsistence farming supplemented his salary he said was not enough to fund all his family obligations.

“I have been eating fresh corn from my lands in the last two years."

“I have equally stacked yams in my make shift barn that I also use as gift to other family members staying in urban areas,’’ he said.

"The government worker urged the local government authorities to send farm extension officers to suburban areas to give more education to residents on how to use farming to cope in this recession."

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New Yorker magazine goes Russian with cover skewering Trump and Putin


"Our dandy mascot has become Eustace Vladimirovich Tilley and the lepidopteran under scrutiny is none other than a stunned Donald Trump."

The New Yorker magazine's latest cover uses their iconic mascot to skewer the relationship between US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"In a riff on the magazine's first cover, from 1925, by Rea Irvin, [artist Barry Blitt] imagines a future in which our dandy mascot has become Eustace Vladimirovich Tilley and the lepidopteran under scrutiny is none other than a stunned Donald Trump," New Yorker art director Françoise Mouly writes as an introduction to the cover.

Mouly also notes that this issue features a sizeable investigation into the two presidents' ties, with the subtitle, "Trump, Putin, and the new Cold War."

Here's the cover of the New Yorker's newest issue:

And for comparison, here is the magazine's first issue from 1925, featuring mascot-to-be Eustace Tilley:

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Nigerian Student Poetry: ‘Beautiful Father…Loving Husband’ By Chinelo Nwangwu


As I grab my bag and start to leave I turn back and spit on my father's grave.

I am 11 and just about to finish primary school

It is 5 pm and I finally ascend the stairs that lead to flat 13

I am eager to remove the sand from my cortina shoes

and the Ugo C. Ugo textbooks

Threatening to tear my bag and hunch my back

I hear it…

A constant thudding…

Small whimpers

Cries of please stop…I hear stupid…I hear useless…I

hear you and your stupid children always needing

money for something

I am fifteen and have just kissed my first boy

Even let him touch my breasts

I am coming back from my little rendezvous with Tade

Trying desperately to be as silent as possible

Willing the gate not to make a sound…I am sure no

one will be around though

She travelled and he is never home

It is then that I hear it

Eerie sounds like that of a child

Sounds not unlike those I made when Tade's mouth

Enclosed around my left nipple

I peep and see that he is moving on top of a woman

Whose skin, burnt clay, is nothing like her perfect


And just as I walk in

My father climaxes

But it is shocking that I am 19 when I notice the


The constant smell of cheap bear…

The hidden bottles at different spots in the house

It is while searching for the bottles

That I see the documents

The arrest for drunk driving

The picture of the boy who was hit

The money paid to the family

The quick cover up

The efficient bribing

I am 21 the first time that I speak out

I am fresh out of Unilag

Second class upper in political science

Head filled with feminist theories and gender equality

And I speak out

After twenty years of silence

Of cruelty and wickedness

Of insensitivity

Of his total disregard for her

Of his failure as a father

And pathetic excuse as a husband

I don't see him when he comes

I only hear the slap

I hear ungrateful…sorry excuse for a daughter

And he is kicking me…pushing me through the

gate…throwing out my things

She doesn't say anything, my mother

Just pretends nothing happened

And brushes lint from her skirt

I am 34 and a junior lecturer in a University

With 2 failed marriages and a cynicism and deep

distrust for men

I get a letter and the spidery penmanship tells me it is

my mother…

My father is dead she says…heart attack…knows I

won’t come…just letting me know

I don't know if it’s her words that trigger it

Or if it's the memory of the man that abused her

But I am crying…loud throaty sounds unlike me

I am crying but not for the man

I am crying for her

For her frightening silence…

Her love for a man who never loved her

I am 43 when I can stomach a visit to the old house

I am shocked at how unchanged it looks

Apart from the yellow paint peeling from the walls

Then the obvious look of abandonment since she


The memories come and suffocate me

I can feel the tears forming deep in my throat

A vision of him naked…of hitting my mother…coming

back drunk…throwing me out

I buy no flowers on my way to the cemetery

I am staring for what seems like hours on the plaque

Beautiful father…loving husband…missed forever

The people beside me are shocked when I start to

laugh at the irony

As I grab my bag and start to leave

I turn back and spit on my father's grave

Chinelo Nwangwu is a 500-level student of the Department of Petroleum Engineering, Faculty of Technology University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State.

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In Abuja: Fire guts Kuje Market, destroys goods worth N10m

Fire in Kuje Market

Kuje Area Council, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the incident was a disaster and economic loss to the traders.

Twenty shops and goods worth N10 million were destroyed by fire on Friday morning at the Kuje Market in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Mr Duda Ismahil, the Vice-Chairman, Kuje Area Council, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the incident was a disaster and economic loss to the traders.

He said that the incident was worrisome and happened when the country was facing economic hardship.

“It is sad news, because goods worth millions of naira were lost to the fire and I appeal to the affected traders to remain calm, as proper investigation would be carried out."

“It is very unfortunate that we are witnessing this fire incident at hard times, and we thank God that no life was lost in the inferno."

“The fire incident came as a surprise to everybody; and the Area Council sympathises with the affected traders,’’ the council official said.

Ismahil said, however, that plans were underway to complete the Kuje modern Market project.

He said the council would meet with the market authorities and the security agencies, to set up a committee to prevent a recurrence of such incident.

The Chairman, Kuje Traders Association, Alhaji Musa Umar, sympathised with the affected traders, adding that adequate measures would be taken to prevent such incident in future.

Musa said that the cause of the fire was yet to be known, noting that investigations were underway to ascertain the cause of the inferno.

“I sympathise with the affected traders because it is not easy to lose goods worth millions of naira at a time of economic hardship in the country."

“We were, however, able to put out the fire with the help of the Kuje Fire Service Division and other security personnel,” he said.

Mr Emeka Eze, a shop owner, whose goods were lost in the fire, described the situation as worrisome and a setback to his business.

Eze said there were speculations that the fire was caused by a faulty generator left behind in one of the shops last night.

“The new sewing and designing machines I bought recently with a loan from the cooperative society have been destroyed by the fire."

“Cloths worth N250, 000 belonging to customers have also been destroyed by the fire, and I don’t know where to start from,’’ Eze said.

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Prop Of The Week: Acting President calls Senate bluff

Professor Yemi Osinbajo

In just one month since taking over the mantle of leadership, albeit, in an acting capacity, Yemi Osinbajo has endeared himself with the Nigerian populace.

The Acting President, Yemi Osibanjo, got the thumbs up from Nigerians with his refusal to assent four bills forwarded to the executive by the National Assembly on the grounds that there were pending issues surrounding the bills.

At a resumed sitting by the Senate after their now recurrent recess on Tuesday, February 21, 2017, the four bills which included the Dangerous Drug Amendment Bill, 2016; National Lottery Bill, 2016; Currency Conversion Freezing Order Amendment Bill, 2016, and Agricultural Credit Scheme Bill, 2016, were forwarded for immediate assent.

But Osinbajo declined, citing the existence of pending legal issue and concerns regarding words and phrases, and the spirit behind the amendment, for his refusal to assent to the bills.

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This action did not go down well with some of the Senators, especially Senator Dino Melaye representing Kogi West at the Upper Chamber who is the sponsor of the National Lottery Bill, insisted that the executive has no right to refuse to assent to any bill forwarded to it by the Senate and must respect the principle of separation of powers.

“It is the responsibility of the executive to assent to bills made by the legislature or go to court to challenge them,” he had said.

But a Professor of Law and a very sound legal mind himself, Osinbajo took the time to lecture the Senator on the reasons for his refusal and at the end, the matter was referred to the legal department of the National Assembly for advice and interpretation.

In the same week in review, the acting President pulled another pleasant stunt when he paid a surprise visit to Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos State where he was shocked at the lackadaisical attitude of staff and the dilapidated state of the structures.

According to his spokesman, Laolu Akande, Osinbajo was disappointed at some of the findings at the airport especially the decrepit toilet facilities.

The visit, according to Akande, came after approving a 60-day reform plan to ease business in the country.

“Ag President Osinbajo at Lagos Int'l airport checking out toilets, carousels, immigration, toilets in the airport – to see things for himself,” Akande twitted.

Osinbajo’s Lagos visit comes just one day after he withdrew assent to four bills passed by the National Assembly.

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With these activities, Osinbajo has gained the respect of Nigerians and many now believe he has performed better in the absence of President Muhammadu Buhari who has been out of the country on an extended medical vacation.

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Naira: Currency now selling at N470 to the dollar

A trader changes dollars with naira at a currency exchange store in Lagos, Nigeria, February 12, 2015. REUTERS/Joe Penney

The latest rate is an improvement on previous ones as the dollar sold for N510 on Tuesday and N505 on Wednesday.

The naira has gained ground and is now selling at 470 to the US dollar at the parallel market.

The latest rate is an improvement on previous ones as the dollar sold for N510 on Tuesday and N505 on Wednesday.

The development is believed to have been caused by the decision of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to change its foreign exchange (Forex) supply rules.

The CBN, on Monday, announced that it would supply forex to both large and minimal consumers.

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The naira also gained against the Pound Sterling which traded at 645 a day earlier but slipped to 610 and the Euro which dropped from N537 to N507 at the end of trading.

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10 things you need to know before the opening bell (DFRG, FL, GOOGL)

Ken Bone (R), an audience member at a presidential debate who became a social media sensation after he cut into the campaign acrimony to ask an earnest question, poses with an attendee at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland, U.S., February 23, 2017.

Trump and China spar on currency manipulation.

Here's what you need to know:

China strikes back at Trump. China's foreign ministry said the country had no intention of using currency devaluation to its advantage in trade, after President Donald Trump said China is a "grand champion" at manipulating its currency.

Alphabet sues Uber. Waymo, the Google self-driving-car group, alleged that Uber used stolen technology to advance its own autonomous-car development.

Obamacare has never been more popular. A new poll from the Pew Research Center shows that the Affordable Car Act's popularity is soaring and has hit its highest point since it was passed.

The Dow could break its historic streak. The Dow Jones industrial average on Thursday closed at a record high for a 10th straight day, the longest stretch since 1987. Futures indicated a lower open ahead of the opening bell.

Oil investors are placing historic bets. Fund managers hold more Brent oil futures and options contracts than at any time on record, equivalent to some 480 million barrels of oil, Reuters reported.

Royal Bank of Scotland loses big. The bank, which is 73% state-owned, said in its full year financial results statement that it lost £6.955 billion in 2016, compared with £1,979 million in 2015.

HP Enterprise's revenues drops 10%. Sales fell in the first quarter ended January 31 amid sluggish demand for its storage equipment and servers.

Global stock markets are weaker. S&P 500 futures are down about 0.5%. The FTSE 100 in London is off 0.75%, weighed down by earnings from RBS.

Earnings reporting continues. Del Frisco's and Foot Locker announce ahead of the market open. Warren Buffett will release his annual letter to shareholders on Saturday.

Economic data is light. The University of Michigan's survey of consumer sentiment and new-home sales will be published at 10 a.m. ET. The 10-year yield is down two basis points at 2.367%.

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